Winter Spirits – Mariana Sadovska & Borderland (Ukraine/Germany)

Termin: January 28th, 6.00 p.m.

From ancient times to the present, in the Ukraine people have been celebrating the „Kolada“, a midwinter festival which, according to the Ukrainian-orthodox calendar coincides with the Christmas holidays between January 6th and 19th. In the midst of winter, the Kolada songs chase away the spirits of the darkness. Taken from house to house, they unfold their mystic power. They herald the end of darkness with good wishes and pave the way for a fertile new circle of the year.

Mariana Sadovska revives these magic songs from central and western Ukraine. For fifteen years now, the singer, composer and actress has been travelling through the remotest areas of her home country, collecting songs, legends and rhymes from the women who live there — centry-old cultural treasures which during the Soviet era could only be preserved by oral tradition and even today are mostly unknown among Ukrainians.

Together with her band from Cologne, the impulsive singer places these folkloric motives in a musical context which is rooted in the Western tradition between jazz and art music. Between folk and avantgarde, she finds an original contemporary expression for the archaic material and enraptures her audience with her dazzling sound spectrum.

Mariana Sadovska: vocals, Indian reed organ
Jarry Singla: piano, prepared piano
Peter Kahlenborn: drums, percussion
Sebastian Gramms: double bass