Video-Theater- Performances – Unter Wasser fliegen e. V.

Lyrik-Clips! is an intercultural project of art and culture in the penal system and the work with troubled youths. Pre-determined or self-written poetic texts form the basis of litttle performances with short theatre or video sequences, developed with the method of collective creation and using the media of physical theatre and/or video clips. The creative work of more than ten project groups forms a link between cultural education and artistic creation. The participants from different detention facilities and municipal youth centres of North Rhine-Westphalia right from the start communicate with each other, both behind bars and outside. The results, achieved under professional direction, initiate a dialogue between cultural spheres, between inside and outside, and thus foster the discussion and examination of the theme „Freedom and imprisonment“. The lines between the individual and the outside world are thus for a short time crossed in an extraordinary way.