Loyko – Russian Gypsy Sound (Russia)

Termin: October 7th, 6 p.m., Lutherstift, Schusterstraße 15

Loyko was founded by Sergey Erdenko in 1990 as a music laboratory. Since then, many renowned musicians have been playing in this project and have left their mark to in its musical development. The constant and basis of Loyko’s artistic work has always been the Russion Roma music, which was constantly enriched in its style and sound by the contact with Celtic, traditional Romanian and Hungarian and also classic music. The greatest musicians of the 20 century, like Yehudin Menuhin and Gidon Kremer, invited Loyko to participate in their concerts and festivals. Sergey Erdenko was born in eastern Siberia and started learning the violin at age five. In 2006, he was awarded as one of the five best Roma musicians (Roma Opre). Michael Saviev studied the classical guitar and later, with the best Spanish musicians in Sevilla and Cordoba, the sources of flamenco. Vladimir Bessonov studied the violin and later also „gipsy music“ at the Leningrad conservatory, where he became concert master. The musicians of Loyko produced more than ten albums and DVDs in England, Russia, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and are also active as studio musicians.

Sergey Erdenko: violin, solo vocals
Vladimir Bessonov: violin, vocals
Michael Savichev: guitar, vocals