Gamelan Dedung – SambaSunda Quintet (Indonesia)

Termin: May 13th, 6.00 p.m.

Indonesia with its population of 230 million is a melting pot of cultures, religions and music. In terms of music at least, Sufis, Muslims, Christians and animists join hands to the „sound track“ that is traditionally provided by a gamelan orchestra which in full instrumentation consists of up to 40 players.

This orchestra has no solists in the actual sense of the word. The instrumentalization mainly consists of suspended gongs, kettle gongs, metallophones and xylophones; only when they all play in harmony does their original sound emerge, each listening to the others and contributing their part to the total.

In the course of globalization and growing tourism, in the past years the heavy and expensive metal instruments were replaced by light-weight, cheaper ones made of bamboo, enabling the musicians to travel further with less effort. On Bali and Java, a new, multi-faceted sound emerged, which SambaSunda dedicate themselves to: Gamelan Dedung.

The jovial ensemble from Java, originally counting a total of 20, plays groovy songs and for the first time mixes traditional Sudanese music with contemporary musical styles. In Sound Cosmos, SambaSunda perform in chamber music formation with their stunning lead singer Rita Tila.

Ismet Ruchimat: kacapi (board zither)
Asep Yana Karyana: kacapi, suling (flute)
Yadi Cahyadi: violin (sunda style), kacapi
Budi Sofyan: kendang (percussion)
Rita Tila: vocals